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North Central Turf, which was first known as Miller Turf, was started by two men and a sod cutter in the mid 1960s. Both men worked at a local factory, but cutting and laying sod would earn them some extra cash on nights and weekends. As sod became more popular and work loads got heavier, Robert's son, Kurt, started helping out after school. In 1985, Robert was ready to relax, and Kurt bought the small operation from his father, turning it into his full time gig. Kurt's hard work and company values quickly became more popular around town, and Kurt enlisted in his wife, Jeannie, to to come on full - time to help the company thrive. After adding services such as lawn care and landscaping, Kurt and Jeannie renamed the company North Central Turf. In the meantime, their son, Jamie, was becoming an expert in lawn care, and landscape design and build services through hands on experience within the business.  The company has since added a plethora of value-adding services, and has been in business for over 30 years. The company continues to be owned by Kurt and Jean Miller and Managed by their son, Jamie. Their daughter, Alison, has since joined as the landscape designer and marketing director. 

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